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                            **IMPORTANT NOTICE**:

Questfire Energy Corp. has entered into receivership: More >>


About Questfire

Diversified assets. Solid cash flow. Oil-focused operations.


Questfire’s vision is to achieve and sustain profitable growth to 10,000+ boe per day over the next three to five years (2016 to 2018) through a combination of field activities – primarily oil-focused well recompletions and new drilling, plus optimization and some exploration – and further acquisitions. The Corporation’s central goal is to create value for shareholders. This goal supersedes all others, including production targets or the number of wells drilled in any given period.

Throughout Questfire’s corporate lifecycle, the management team will focus on generating the greatest achievable return on investment for shareholders. The strategic acquisition of diversified producing assets that closed in April 30, 2013 is a key step towards realizing Questfire’s vision. Details can be accessed here.