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Diversified assets. Solid cash flow. Oil-focused operations.

Oil Focus

Increasing the Corporation’s oil and natural gas liquids production is a key principle in Questfire’s business growth strategy and operating strategy. Given current commodity prices, it is central to Questfire’s overarching goal of creating value for shareholders.

Questfire’s focus on increasing oil and NGL production is based on the following premises and results in the following benefits:

  • Oil prices are strong, resulting in high netbacks and rates of return upon bringing on new oil production;
  • The energy sector’s current main focus on unconventional opportunities or “resource plays” creates niche opportunities on the conventional side, including advantageous land pricing;
  • Drilling for oil prospects typically requires a smaller land area than exploring for natural gas. Oil pools covering only one to two sections of land can yield substantial reserves and net asset value;
  • Conventional oil targets can be highly productive in relation to the capital investment required. Questfire is targeting prospects with the potential to produce at 50-150 bbls per day from a mix of vertical and horizontal wellbores, including heavy oil prospects that will not require hydraulic fracturing, creating potential for high rates of return;
  • The spud to tie-in cycle time for conventional vertical wells (light oil as well as multi-zone liquids-rich gas), as well as non-fractured horizontal heavy oil wells, is typically lower than for unconventional wells. Oil production can be trucked until volumes are high enough to justify pipelines and central batteries; and
  • Questfire’s recently acquired assets have not received significant capital or drilling over the past four to five years, longer in some cases. Significant opportunities exist to increase the Corporation’s light oil and natural gas liquids production.